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Happy Monday everyone! Today we wanted to share our top 5 favourite halloween costumes to wear when you’re in a last minute rush. Sometimes you can get so busy that finding an outfit for that Halloween party is the last of your priorities, this is why we have compiled a list of costumes that you can easily obtain or can get straight from your wardrobe. We hope this post inspires you!

Sugar Skull Makeup

For our readers who are beauty guru’s, this is the halloween look for you! Sugar skull makeup has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is a perfect last minute look. To achieve this look you will need some face paint and red lipstick, simply paint on your sugar skull look (we recommend Pinterest for inspiration) and you’ll instantly have an eye grabbing costume. You can then wear any party appropriate clothes you have and a nice pair of heels.

Chanel from Scream Queens

This last minute costume is for anyone who loves pink! Chanel is the perfect character for Halloween as her look is easy to obtain and it is very original. To achieve Chanel’s flawless style, opt for a pink crop top, a plaid black and white skirt and a feather cardigan. Chanel’s signature accessory look is to pair silky socks with some cute heeled pumps. Then finish this look off with some pearl earrings. You will be sure to turn heads with this sassy costume!

Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams is the perfect look for anyone who wants to dress a bit more vampy this halloween. To achieve the Morticia look, pair a long black dress with some heels, a black wig and a daring choker. This look is very easy to obtain and with our Halloween sale currently taking place, you can find an eye catching choker for an even more affordable price!

Audrey Hepburn

Out of the entire list of Halloween ideas, this look is the most simplest to put together! If you are a vintage film fan, we recommend going as Audrey Hepburn this halloween. To achieve this icons look, choose a long aline dress, some black heels and a necklace of faux pearls. This look is instantly recognizable and is very effective!

A China Doll

For anyone who wants something a bit more scary compared to our prior suggestions, we recommend going as a china doll. A china doll outfit is an easy look to achieve as you can just use items in your wardrobe. We suggest wearing a skater dress, some ballet flats and some ripped tights. For the makeup, grab some face paint and follow a Youtube video on how to get the perfect doll-like look!

We hope you have found inspiration from this list of costumes. Remember this Halloween you can get 10% off every order and free UK delivery using the code “HALLOWEEN” on our website. Have a lovely week!


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