5 Ways to Get Into The Autumn Spirit


Welcome back to our blog everyone, we hope you have all had a fabulous week. Today we wanted to continue on with our autumn theme but post about something a little more different. This post is going to be all about how you can get into the autumn spirit featuring products you can buy and some seasonal activities!

Horror Movie

There is nothing better than feeling cosy and watching a film on a cold Autumn day. This season is perfect to watch some good horror movies, our personal favourites are Saw and Nightmare On Elm Street. There is even some new horror films out in cinemas at the moment such as IT and Jigsaw which have had amazing reviews!

Bake a cake

With the Great British Bake off currently taking the nation by storm, this is the perfect season to put those baking skills into practise! To really make your baking autumnal, try cooking some toffee apple cupcakes or a yummy pumpkin pie. Pinterest has some great recipes so we recommend creating a board for some baking inspiration!


A tradition that has always been huge in America has now become very popular here in the UK, that tradition is decorating for Autumn/Halloween! You can get so many cute decorations, from themed fairy lights to bedazzled pumpkins. We have opted for some autumn garlands here at Jaccesso HQ. TK Maxx currently have some amazing items in that are affordable and can be reused for all the autumns to come!

Gift for a friend

Autumn is a great season to treat your friends, especially with it containing so many events such as Halloween and Bonfire night. Why not treat your friends to some new jewelry items? Our website has the perfect selection for this season such as daring chokers and rose gold bracelets! With 10% off any first order, you can find some great deals!


Candles are the ultimate way to make your house more ambient for this season. They instantly make a room feel more inviting and also smell amazing. Our favourite scents are pumpkin spiced, mulled cider and lavender. Yankee Candles do some amazing deals right now that are sure to put you in the autumn spirit!

We hope this post has inspired you and has made you feel more in the autumn spirit! What do you do to make yourself feel more autumnal?


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