5 Halloween Costumes To Dress Up As With Your Bestie


It is the middle of October and that can only mean one thing, we’re almost at Halloween! Halloween is one of our favourite holidays here at Jaccessories HQ so for the next two weeks we shall be posting all about our favourite costume ideas. Today we are going to feature costumes that you and your best friend can dress up as! We have included ideas from each genre that can easily be recreated!

Dancing Emoji Girls

This costume is so easy to recreate however it is certainly a quirky duo look. Emoji’s have taken the world by storm so for this Halloween, why not go as the dancing girl emoji? Simply wear matching black tee’s, shorts and some bunny ears to instantly be the talking point at a party! To add some uniqueness to your costume, add a dark choker (there is plenty of options on our website) and some bold lipstick.

Mario and Luigi

If you want to dress as a fun and interesting duo costume this Halloween, we suggest dressing up as the world’s most famous italian plumbers…Mario and Luigi! This lovable pair are perfect for parties as everyone knows who they are plus it is a great conversation starter. You can find costumes for both Mario and Luigi on Ebay for a reasonable price or if you’re feeling adventurous, make your own!

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

When talking about bestie costume ideas, we cannot leave out the most famous BFF’S around, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. To channel the queens of the 2000’s, grab a bleach blonde wig and anything pink. If you and your bestie want to be specific, you can even dress as the girls from when they filmed The Simple Life! Simply wear some denim overalls and a tank top for that farm girl look!

Hocus Pocus

Who can remember this 90’s classic Halloween film? Hocus Pocus is a favourite among many and the witches from the original film make for a scary costume. You and your bestie can easily recreate these looks by purchasing affordable witches hats and wearing matching black dresses. To take the costume to the next level, add a fake black cat!

Regina George and Cady Heron
Who doesn’t love Mean Girls? To pay homage to the film this Halloween, why not dress up as famous frenemies Regina George and Cady Heron? You could opt for their talent show look of Santa’s little helpers or keep it casual by dressing up as their everyday high school looks. To perfect the Regina George look, you could add some statement earrings which we currently have reduced on our website!

We hope this blog post inspired you and your bestie this Halloween. What is your favourite duo to dress up as?


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